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My patio is coming together. I just got a couple of these fun macrame chairs off Craigslist. You can’t tell in this pic, but the darker yarn is purple. I love them. They’re so hideously perfect. Probably because I’m young (relatively speaking) and an urbanite, I had no idea that macrame lawn chairs were a thing. Seems like they hit their stride in the 70s/80s, and have dwindled a bit in recent years save for old lady diehards and people who like to make chairs for their favorite sports team. But I found some instructions and patterns online, and have also discovered that these types of chairs are “waterproof, sunproof” and will “last 20 years”. Awesome! Maybe I’ll attempt some more kitschy patterns and colors. Seems like a summer project and potential gift idea.


This Saturday we made a quick jaunt over to Fort Funston with the dogs. Soaked in the sun (and the water), they loved every minute of it. These pics don’t really show it, but Fort Funston is DOG CENTRAL. Aside from the beach, there are a bunch of really nice walks along the cliffs and through the woods. An awesome place to take your pup.


This is what $5 worth of calendulas at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market will get you. Five filled vases (plus a bud vase that I forgot to take a picture of). I really need to stop by there more often – I’m sure these will last longer than the ones I usually pick up at Trader Joe’s or Safeway.