I am not a cupcake maker. I am not a baker. And I don’t want to steal my cupcake blogging friend Jess‘s thunder.
But I’m Irish by heritage. And when I saw these cupcakes on Smitten Kitchen, I had to make them. And eat them.
Guinness cupcake with a chocolate whisky filling and an Irish Cream frosting. You can’t get much better than that. I think.
So I made them last night for my boyfriend and myself, and brought the remainder to work today. Hopefully I can make someone’s day. Because I know that every day around 3:30pm I wish someone had brought in some cupcakes. And now I can be that magical green glitter-covered hero.

I should add that I followed the Smitten Kitchen recipe exactly, but needed to double the frosting. And it still didn’t seem like enough, so I made an extra half portion of it. That’s also why I was only able to make pretty piped frosting on two of the cupcakes and had to spread the rest with a knife. But I’ve never made a buttercream frosting before, so I wasn’t really sure what kind of consistency I was looking for. And once I got to about 2 cups of powdered sugar, it seemed ready. I don’t know. But it tastes good. And the whole thing took me about three hours. How long are homemade cupcakes supposed to take? I’d venture to guess not usually three hours. But these are special filled cupcakes, and I’ve never made my own cupcakes before. So hopefully they get enjoyed today. Happy St Pat’s!